One week has passed since the end of The Logisticom 2015. Let look back at the journey full of joy and challenges of The Logisticom 2015 with us! (more…)

Hey students! The Logisticom is coming to town!!!

Firstly launched in 2014, The Logisticom is a competition for students to practice their knowledge about logistics and experience it in a real business environment. It provides a huge opportunity for students who are interested in logistics to develop their passion, understanding and knowledge. The Logisticom aims to spread the interest in logistics and supply chain to young potentials. (more…)

Marketing Challengers 2014: Finale Night

Saturday, 09 April 2016 by

Marketing Challenger 2014 has finally come to an end on Friday 20 December 2014. The grand finale was held at Mercedes-Benz Showroom Phu My Hung. This could be considered one of the most impressive venue for Marketing Challenger grand finale so far. With the total area of 4,400 square meters, Mercedes-Benz Showroom Phu My Hung is the biggest and most beautiful showroom of Mercedes Benz in Southeast Asia. Gallery on the second floor can be perfectly used to organize events with up to 800 guests. In the night of grand finale, there was even a luxurious bar to serve drinks and finger food for attendants.   


Marketing Challengers is a marketing competition founded by RMIT Business Club and has experienced 6 seasons (6 years) since 2009.

The idea of this competition is to build a joyful playground for students to apply their Marketing knowledge, express and share creativity, learn from reality through the Execution Round.

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