Viet CV Training

Saturday, 09 April 2016 by

Have you heard the rumor going around? Business Club and Viet CV have just established a partnership for good!!!! Business Club sincerely hopes to construct a strong, long-lasting and successful collaboration with our partner.


Young people  are facing challenges that sometimes force them to doubt their own values and faiths. Trusting their instinct or following the direction statistics show? Taking risks or playing safe? There are countless questions such as those. The harshness and competitiveness of the business world may even turn young people into heartless “robots” and make them lose their belief in themselves and also in the goodness of others. Understanding that, on 28th March 2015, BUSINESS CLUB and YOUNG MARKETERS cooperated to bring an interesting topic to students from all universities in Ho Chi Minh City.

“How being human is important in marketing?”


Team building semester 2015A

Saturday, 09 April 2016 by

Date: 4 April 2015

Venue: Ban Nguyet Lake

The Team building events are continuously organized every semester in order to welcome new members who have joined our clubs and also to bond our members. This semester we  organized a successful team building day with many amazing games at Ban Nguyet Lake and an intimate lunch at Gabri Brother, a delicious Korean BBQ restaurant. (more…)

Charity trip: Summertime Heartbeats

Saturday, 09 April 2016 by

One of the highlight activities of Semester 1 2015 is ‘Summertime Heartbeats”. This is a charity project aiming to bring joy and happiness as well as improve the living conditions of orphaned or disadvantaged children.

To raise fund, BUSINESS CLUB had many interesting activities at booths, including selling drinks, painting nails, coloring small statues, etc. However, donating money was not the only way to show support. Donations could be anything, raging from old shoes, clothes to books and papers.

Please notice that we are still receiving donations till the end of week 10. You always can donate more through our bank account or contact us via hotline and email

At the end of this semester, club members will visit the Tan An Orphanage and Thien Tam Orphanage Charity Centre in Binh Thuan province to deliver all the donations and get the chance to meet and play with children at these two centres.