Established in 2004, BUSINESS CLUB is proud to be the first club in RMIT Vietnam with more than 10 years experience. The journey of 10+ years witnesses the development and prosperity of the whole club and its individuals. Projects have been expanded from small events to big nationwide contests.

The club has undergone rebranding with new slogan and logo at its turning 10. “A venture to dare. Experience to share.” marks a huge milestone with new direction and promising activities.


RMIT VIETNAM BUSINESS CLUB aims to aims to become a solid foundation to awake potentials and assist the comprehensive and diverse development of BC-ers. Business Club also strives to connect widespread generations of charismatic, enthusiastic, contributive, competent and highly capable key influencers in every aspect.


RMIT Vietnam Business Club's mission is to create unique environment for members to experience fully and fairly from intensive skills trainings to real-life execution activities. Throughout the time in Business Club, we hope that members are unified and uphold the same and mutual spirit - the sense of Family and contribution.


Business Club has a solid structure with three departments.

Human Resources department plays a key role in recruiting, managing and collaborating with club members. With the goal of enhancing both individual and club’s performance, we attempt to develop competencies, creativity, flexibility and belongingness for each member through our training and work practices.
Marketing Department is in charge of promoting for RMIT Business Club. With the coordination of online (Facebook and Website) and offline tools, we bring the club's image and philosophy closer to students as well as spreading our information, activities and events.
Research & Development department is primarily responsible for developing policies to regulate club’s operation and ensure the goals are met. By researching needs of BC members as well as RMIT students, R&D department are of great importance in innovating new ideas for potential projects. From our projects, we collect documents and feedbacks for club portfolios and performance improvements.