Business Club is now recruiting. Are you ready for the new challenge? Are you ready to unite with us on the battlefield?!?

RMIT Vietnam Business Club is proud to be the first club in RMIT Vietnam with more than 11 years of experience. Business Club aims to become a solid foundation to awake potentials and assist the comprehensive and diverse development of BC-ers.

And the good news is… Recruitment for semester B 2016 has officially started. You will not want to miss this chance. So what do you need to know and prepare to become a BC “soldier”?


 Do not forget to read more information below to fully understand about BC recruitment and make the right choice!!


As usual, BC recruits MEMBERS and CORE MEMBERS.
  • Members are recruited to run BC projects such as The Logisticom, Marketing Challengers, etc. only
  • Core members join the internal operation of the club and also run projects. Core members were exposed to more learning opportunity and have certain privileges. Applicants for core members have to choose one of the three departments of BC including Human Resources (HR), Marketing (MKT) and Research & Development (R&D).
After filling the application form, a confirmation email will be sent to you and guide you to the next step - Interview Round. The email will also entail tips to write a good CV and how to prepare for the interview. A reminder email will be sent to you shortly before Interview Day.
Below is the basic procedure for recruitment:


Yet the interview round is not the end… After passing the interview round, applicants are now Probationers. The final battlefield to prove yourself and become a certified BC soldier - SOCIAL PROJECT.
Social project is a small scale project where you will work hard with other probationers to organize a small charity event for BC members.
The first thing that might spring to your mind now might be “how can I pass this when I have no experience organizing anything?!?”. Do not worry, you will be trained and provided a lot of “weapons” by other senior core members. Social project aims to test your commitment, your learning attitude and your teamwork skills. Through this, BC can see more clearly your potential and suitability with each department.  
Social Project will be launched in Week 9. You and your team will have 3-4 weeks for preparation.
If you want to know more information about Business Club and this semester recruitment, you cannot miss our Induction Day
Time: 2:00PM - 4:30PM
Date: Friday Week 3 8 July 2016 
Venue: 1.2.21
So, come and participate with us in RMIT Business Club. See you soon in Induction day and this is always a good opportunity for your career. Do not miss it!  
#InBattlefieldsWeUnite #RedForce